Behind the Scenes: How we chose the Best Online Gaming Platform in India

December 22, 2023 4 mins to read

Feeling at home is always the best feeling. In the vibrant world of online games, there are indeed games that can keep you hooked for hours. But there are relatively few to no online gaming platforms that give you an instant connection. Well, this was the case until our game developers came up with the best solution. Strap in and let us take you through the behind-the-scenes narrative of how the 3 Plus Games platform became the best gaming platform in India.

Where it all began

Our game developers noticed that though we Indians played a lot of online games when we were free, there were never really any gaming platforms that we could connect to. This was mostly because the games on other online gaming platforms were never the ones we were used to playing when we were kids. Hence forming any real connection with the games never seemed possible. We needed games that brought out the kids in us and let us win real money by playing online games.  The huge success of online ludo in India during the COVID-19 times was also a testament to the average Indian’s love for the games they played as kids.

Best Online Gaming Platform in India | 3Plus Games

It, therefore, all started with a simple question. What games did we as Indians enjoy playing while we were kids? As Indian kids, we have all grown up playing the snakes and ladders game,  ludo, rummy and carroms. The mission of our game developers, hence, was to build a gaming platform that could let everyone go back to their childhood and play their favourite games online while making real money. Thus began the quest to develop a gaming platform where you could play all your childhood favourites in a single destination.

Setting the Priorities Straight

It was now time to set the plan into motion, from the very beginning the game developers and the organisation together decided that the games developed would never lack in quality and that the user information and banking details shared would be safe. With multiple scamming online gaming sites around we wanted to develop a gaming haven for players where they could enjoy the game without worrying about scammers.

With the aim and goals all set to achieve the work began to build the best online gaming platform in India. 

Testing for the best

The goal to build a refined online gaming platform led to us conducting a plethora of beta testing. Bugs were squashed, interfaces polished, and the overall user experience elevated to a standard befitting our vision. After months of meticulous research and deliberation, the team finally reached their verdict. They had identified the gaming platform that stood out from the crowd, offering an unparalleled gaming experience that catered to the diverse needs of Indian gamers.

Time to Launch

The month of May 2023 witnessed the grand launch of the 3Plus Games online gaming platform. Players could now play their favourite games like online rummy, online ludo, carroms, poker, snakes and ladders in the comfort of their homes on their mobile devices. The best gaming platform in India was now live, pulsating with the energy of anticipation. From the first shuffle of cards in Rummy to the triumphant ‘six’ in Ludo, our creation echoed with the joy of countless gamers across the nation.

Making History one step at a time

The following months witnessed a steady uphill journey for the 3Plus Games online gaming platform. In October 2023, we celebrated 20k app downloads and a few weeks after we had already distributed Rs 5 Lakh reward money to our esteemed players.  We as a team are proud of being part of a platform that helps fellow Indians connect and have a good time.  We are now at 35k app downloads and still on the lookout for newer and better adventures with our players. With our loyal players being the sole reason for our success we know that in the coming years, we will remain the best online gaming platform in India. 

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