What to Expect in 2024: Gaming trends for those who play online games

January 3, 2024 4 mins to read

As we’ve progressed beyond 2023, the online gaming sector has enthusiastically launched into the new year, joining other industries in starting 2024 with a bang. Amidst multiple changes that came upon the gaming sector, including the legal changes that brought an increase in GST on online game wins, one thing that remained a constant is the love to play online games by the Indian people. 

We as Indians love to make money, one major change that came for those who play online games was that they could earn real money by playing online games. Real money online games became a huge hit in the country from its introduction and we Indians rushed to be part of these money-earning games. With a lot that has happened in the past years, let’s see what the real money online game sector has in stock for us for the year 2024.

Diverse Games:

For those who play online games, a treat of diverse games could be awaited.

Diverse Games, Game Updates| 3Plus Games Blog

All your favorite online gaming platforms are coming up with newer and better concepts for their upcoming games. And as players, we are certainly not complaining. So, those who play online games, prepare to be amazed. A myriad of online games that will blow your breath away are waiting for you in 2024.

Exploring new frontiers:

We might get to see some of our favorite sites to play online games across borders and venture into the abroad markets. With the real money online games already a huge hit in the country, the plans of major platforms in India to play online games, and venture to different markets is hardly surprising. Let us wait and see how many of our favorite online gaming platforms will expand to different countries and how they will tackle the competition posed to them by the foreign market

AI Entry:

Artificial Intelligence took the whole world by storm and the online gaming industry is all set to hop on the trend. Most online gaming platforms have already incorporated AI into their gaming experience and those who play online games are certainly not complaining. We can surely expect online gaming to be more immersive. We can also see the effect of AI in-game graphics and total visual effects. AI is definitely going to make online gaming a much better experience for all and we as game lovers are impatiently waiting to see what new features the industry is going to uncover.

Entry of AR and VR technologies:

Through AR, gaming firms can bring gaming elements into the real world by overlaying digital information onto the physical environment. This can include location-based gaming experiences, where players interact with virtual objects or characters in their immediate surroundings.

AR and VR technologies | 3Plus games Blog

This would certainly provide a real-world-like experience to those who play online games. Through VR, players can simulate the real world, improving the total performance of a game. Technology-wise the future does look bright for the real-money online gaming sector. 

Legal Hurdles:

The real money online gaming sector will definitely face a few challenges when it comes to the new TDS regime brought by the government of India. With online game lovers still rooting for online gaming platforms despite the increases in tax deductions, it looks like the market for online games is definitely going to improve in the coming years.

Legal Hurdles | 3Plus Games

It certainly looks like the online gaming world is going to be so much more fun in the year 2024 and we game lovers are waiting to see what the future has in stock for us. Let’s wait with bated breaths to see all the exciting developments in the field of online games in 2024. Until then let’s keep up the energy. Play online games with your mates and win big. You can also check out a one-of-a-kind online gaming platform, 3Plus Games, and play real money online games like online ludo, rummy, carrom, and poker to name a few games. Download 3Plus Games and start playing right away. 

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