The Future of Gaming: Exploring India’s Real Money Online Gaming Landscape

January 2, 2024 4 mins to read

The real money gaming industry has a rich history to boast about in India. From our ancestors who have been engaging in real money games and betting, to our present generation who are obsessed with real money online gaming, the history of this industry is surely rich and one to be studied in detail. So,  for someone who hasn’t heard much about this, real money online games are skill-based games where players can invest money and play against each other and the winner gets to keep the winning amount. The allure of victory keeps the players hooked while at the same time making sure that the players get to have fun with their friends.  Let’s see who the key players are in this industry and how they are planning for the future.

India’s Key Players

Winzo Games

This Indian gaming platform was an instant hit among real money online gaming lovers all over the country. With over 150 million users, the app is all set to launch its platform in Brazil. The app is planning to invest $25 million in the Brazilian market. 

3Plus Games

This new online gaming platform has been an instant hit among the Indian audience ever since its launch. Less than a year from its launch the 3Plus gaming platform has already crossed 35k downloads and rewarded its players with more than 5 Lakh winning money. 

The application has a set of delightful games including our childhood special snakes and ladders. The online ludo real money online game is a crowd favorite and has Indians flocking to the application.


Another application that Indians have loved for its online ludo game is the Zupee. Endorsed by Kapil Sharma, the application has a series of casual and board games to keep its players glued to the screen.

MyTeam 11

Cited as the fastest-growing fantasy sports app, MyTeam 11 has 150+ contests in dual languages and is developing to be a beloved fantasy sports app among Indians

The Current Scenario

With close to 568 million active users this financial year 25% of which are paying users, the real money online gaming industry is surely booming. Games like poker, fantasy sports, rummy, and ludo continue to be fan favorites among online games. A total revenue of $ 3.1 billion was generated by the industry in the 2023 financial year and the stats are only expected to grow in the coming years. Let’s take a deep dive into the multiple factors that affect the future of real money online gaming, and see what the future entails for this industry. 

The Future of Gaming | 3Plus Games Blog

28% GST Rule

The Indian government implemented the 28% GST Rule on real money online gaming wherein, GST is to be levied at 28% of the bets placed in betting and online gaming. It is to be seen how this change affects the revenue generated by the industry but with the current stats the online gaming industry only seems to grow despite this setback

Increase in Mobile Usage

The widespread use of mobile phones and the availability of affordable mobile data is going to build a haven for the real money online gaming industry in the near future. The development of user-friendly apps recently will also be a boost for the industry.

Integrating Upcoming Technologies

The future could see the online gaming industry shaking hands with emerging technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality. The hype behind real money online games will only be on the rise if it chooses to walk hand in hand with the recent technological trends. 

Exploring new frontiers

We could see the real money online gaming industry explore international markets. This would bring new ideas and technologies to the gaming industry. This would definitely help grow the industry even more and take it to greater heights.

The future definitely seems bright for the real money online gaming industry. With its increasing acceptance by the Indian community especially from the younger generation, the industry is all set to scale new heights. 

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