Fantasy Cricket in India

July 19, 2023 4 mins to read

India is known for its various cultures, traditions, food, languages and so on, but one thing that unites the people in India is the love of cricket, and now it is evolved as Fantasy Cricket. Cricket is not just a sport in India, rather it became a religion. As Steve Waugh said, cricket is a festival, a celebration, and an emotion to millions of Indians. Being the most popular and celebrated sport in India, cricket has a huge fan following, especially among youth.

Way back in 1983, India lifted their first World Cup trophy, and ever since the youth of all generations go crazy for Cricket. That was just the beginning. Then the various Indian cricket players gave immense popularity to the game with their super cool performances. People started playing cricket almost everywhere in the country. The sport has become a routine to young people and hence the concept of fantasy cricket simply arises. Over the past decades, fantasy sports made a huge impact on the gaming industry in India.

Fantasy Cricket

What exactly is fantasy cricket? Fantasy Cricket is the idea of making a virtual cricket team for a cricket match from real-life cricket players. The team’s performance will depend on the actual performances of the cricket players. Assembling a virtual team for the upcoming matches will help the users enjoy playing alongside their favorite players.

The user can be a manager of their cricket team, choose their players from the various cricket teams, and look after the results of their team performances. Here, the user’s game knowledge is a major thing in building a virtual team for a fantasy game. The player statistics, their performances in previous matches, the line-up, the pitch and weather conditions, and many other factors will affect your team’s performance.

Fantasy sports is now one of India’s fastest-growing sectors that will help grow its economy. Among them, fantasy cricket is perhaps the most popular one. The fantasy sports industry is worth hundreds of crores now and is rapidly expanding with the increase of users.

Evaluating the numerous factors behind the growth of Fantasy Cricket, the rise in technology may be at its top list. 10 years ago, only a few people get access to watch cricket, but now, the situation is changed. Smartphone usage is rapidly increasing and over 13 million people started participating in fantasy sports.

The popularity of fantasy cricket is increasing daily as people are now not only following the matches of the Indian cricket team but rather following almost all international and regional matches. If cricket is India’s most unifying factor, then fantasy cricket is a place where people live their dream in unison.

Watching cricket is not a passive activity now for fantasy players. They have a stake in each ball that is bowled, because they will receive points for runs scored, wickets taken, catches made, all-round performance, fielding excellence, and so on. It offers a wonderful chance for players to engage in fantasy games and win money online.

Fantasy Cricket contests and their real money prizes and bonuses are an attraction to many. The user can play as many games as they want, which are earned alongside. The rise of fantasy cricket apps also encourages people to play more, and one of the best fantasy applications here is 3Plus Games. The user-friendly interface and the easiness to play games attracted many to the application. With day-to-day operations, 3Plus Games make sure that the users are receiving the best of the best in the market. Offering a hassle-free environment with a secured and trusted payment portal, 3Plus Games is the best place for you to reach for Fantasy Sports.

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