Online Gaming: A Global Arena

June 24, 2023 3 mins to read

The face of gaming is changing day by day. Since playing with sticks and stones in the wild, we evolved into the technological era where humans can access gaming with just a smartphone. From having mini-games in social gatherings, gaming has got a new advanced face now with a more powerful society.

Online Gaming: A Global Arena | 3Plus Games Blog

The enormous popularity of card games among people is the key reason for the surge in online card games in India right now. The fastest-growing online gaming platforms make way for people around the country to experience those fun-packed games easily.

Earlier, playing games was just a fun activity to pass the time. Playing just for fun is now termed as playing for money with the emergence of money-earning games. The fastest-growing game sectors now are skill-based games and fantasy games.

Online Gaming: A Global Arena | 3Plus Games Blog

Over the past decade, India witnessed a rise in the gaming population. An internet audience poll in the third quarter of 2022 revealed that 81.9 percent of internet users played video games worldwide. In this, India came in 6th place with a gaming penetration rate of 91.1%. With the growing population, use of smartphones, and easy availability of the internet, Indians found online gaming as a major way of entertainment.

There are two types of online gaming; video games and skill-based games. Games like Clash of Clans, Minecraft, Pub-G, etc are video-based games that are followed by a wide audience. Games like Rummy, Poker, Ludo, and Snakes & Ladders are categorized as skill-based games. These are games that we grew up on but are now available with a more advanced body. The skill-based games also include fantasy games, where the user can predict the upcoming real-time matches and build a virtual team for the same with the players participating in it.

With the opportunity to win real money rewards, the popularity of online gaming increased since 2011, particularly the skill-based ones. The easy availability of these games, their thrilling gameplay, and entertainment factors are the main reason behind this. Providing the opportunity to invest and win, the gaming industry makes its place in the hearts of game lovers.

Online Gaming: A Global Arena | 3Plus Games Blog

Because gambling has posed a significant financial risk, the government has enacted strict rules and guidelines for these games. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) oversees the functioning of online gaming in India. Hence, there will not be any illegal activities possible in online gaming. According to the laws, the states of Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, and Nagaland have prohibited these games.

Online Gaming: A Global Arena | 3Plus Games Blog

There is much more than winning money from playing games. People are able to play with multiple players across places at the same time. One such gaming platform is 3Plus Games. 3Plus is one of the best gaming platforms in India offering card games, casual games, and fantasy games in a single space. Following all the guidelines provided by the government of India, the platform is making space for gamers of all kinds, entertaining them along with making money. Following the platform is a simple process with its seamless gameplay and instant withdrawal options. Try out the various games on 3Plus Games to make a blast.

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