Snakes & Ladders: The best money-earning game in 2023

December 7, 2023 4 mins to read

Snakes & Ladders is a timeless classic board game that has entertained generations with its simple gameplay and exciting features. The game traces back its origin in ancient India with the name Moksha Patam. Over the years, the game has undergone several changes but never lost its charm even in this digital era. With technological innovations, Snakes & Ladders has a miniature version of the game on online platforms, making it a popular venue for players to win money.

Even though the game’s original purpose was to teach moral lessons to children, the game later completely changed as an entertainer. The game spread throughout the world, finding its way into various cultures and traditions. Now, Snakes and Ladders online multiplayer remains a testament to the continued popularity of its simple, yet entertaining gameplay.

The online adaptation of Snakes & Ladders

With advancements in technology, the Snakes & Ladders game also made its transition into digital platforms. The online adaptation of the game retained the original gameplay mechanics with some added features such as attracting UI, multiplayer options, captivating visuals, etc to make it even more engaging. Hence the game became more popular among gamers, offering monetary rewards.

Offering the convenience of playing the game anywhere at any time, the online version transcended geographical barriers fostering a sense of community.

Beyond being just a recreational game, the online version of Snakes & Ladders has now a popular avenue for players to earn money. Players can put their skills to the test here and win money online. There are competitive Snakes & Ladders tournaments and contests on various platforms, allowing the users to participate in and win real money rewards. The tournament attracts players of various skill levels, creating a thrilling environment for all game lovers with an add-on of money rewards. With the potential to turn the traditional game into a lucrative venture, Snakes & Ladder can now be recognized as one of the best online money-earning games in 2023.

Snakes & Ladders | 3Plus Games

One such gaming application offering Snakes & Ladders is 3 Plus Games, where the users can engage in various real-money contests and win rewards. 2-player and 4-player versions of the game are available on 3Plus, and the user is destined to move the 3 game pieces to the final position within the given 24 moves. The moves will be randomly given to them, and knocking down the opponent’s pawn will give them an extra move. The points are determined by the sum total of the squares the pawns are sitting after the last move. The one who scores the most will win the game. Using the moves wisely to move up through the ladders will help the user score more points within the limited time.

If the player is vigilant to chase the ladders, they can move up to the final position before completing the 24 moves. Also, they can score more by knocking out the opponent’s pawns. Keen observation and cognitive skills will help the player move faster to the destined final column. While reaching the 100th square, the player will get extra points and an extra move.  

The faster, unpredictable, and exciting gameplay, multiplayer gaming, and money-earning aspects make the game a favorite for the audience. Climbing ladders and sliding down the snakes will provide you with an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. Snakes & Ladders’ ability to entertain players across generations has enhanced its transition to digital platforms. With the opportunity to earn money through competitive tournaments, Snakes & Ladders has become one of the most popular board games in India in 2023. Now it’s your turn to earn money using your skills. Start joining 3Plus Games now!

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