The Future of Online Gaming in India

June 24, 2023 3 mins to read

We have witnessed an inevitable rise in online gaming over the few years. Even though gaming became prominent in online formats for a long time, it was the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic that changed the narrative of online gaming in the whole world. The pandemic severely damaged the Indian economy and forced people to remain indoors for a long period of time. The physical recreational activities all came to a halt that affected people to focus more on online games.

The pandemic accelerated the online gaming industry and put it on a trajectory for the next five years of growth. Indian people accepted internet gaming as a legitimate form of entertainment. People started playing games together and a new game-centric culture was formed. The developers started creating new games with more entertaining and immersive gameplay, expecting a market that is double in size the previous expectations.   

Between 2014 and 2022, around $2.9 billion were raised to fund 76 online gaming platforms. In the year 2021, the investment exceeded a record $1.7 billion. Since 2020, it has increased by $383 million.

Online gaming has grown to be one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world. The increase in digital infrastructure has allowed for the acceleration of digitalization, which has been noticed by a large, young audience with greater disposable cash and access to less expensive mobile phones and internet data. Encouraged by this, game designers started introducing new genres of games for all kinds of devices. One such kind is 3Plus Games, a gaming platform offering the best games possible in India.

3Plus Games offers a variety of card games like Rummy, Poker, Call Break, and casual games like Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, 8 Ball Pool, Carroms, etc. Also, they are ready to offer Fantasy Cricket and Football on the platform to entertain a large scale of fantasy sports audiences in India. With a wide range of pastime games like these, 3Plus Games can entertain you through your smartphone.

Looking into the future of the online gaming industry, the following advances will soon support the expansion of online games. The most accessible games for the general public will be online skill-based games like Rummy, Call Break, Ludo, etc. In addition to this, fantasy sports are already rising in popularity with various international and regional matches which became popular recently. Fantasy sports focus on all kinds of real-time sports events in Cricket, Football, Basketball, Kabaddi, and many more. Apps that host these games will provide the users with a chance to win real money rewards by building teams for real-time matches with real players. The users can become managers of real-time sports teams, choose their favorite players, and play with them online now. 3Plus Games is one of the most reputable platforms for fantasy sports in the market, providing all these services to its users.

However, the online gaming industry also faces some challenges. With the growth of various online gaming platforms, new rules and regulations were ascribed by various states in India. Following the national rules is the existing challenge most gaming application faces. Sometimes, a specific game is legal in one state, but illegal in another state. It is necessary to be up to date with the rules and regulations imposed in the country.

However, the various games in 3Plus Games are acknowledged as skill-based ones by the Honorary Supreme Court of India.

Games like Rummy, Call Break, Poker, and other card games are prone to be addictive because of financial involvement. The users should always take care of these matters and play these games responsibly.

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