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Carrom Games

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Carrom is a game with its roots deeply embedded in the rich traditions of India. Captivating the hearts of millions for centuries, Carrom has become a popular tabletop game worldwide over the years. Evolving from a simple tabletop game, Carrom has now reached online gaming platforms with exceptional features, enhancing the gameplay to new levels.

The traditional form of the game is played on a square wooden board with four pockets at the corners. The objective of the game is to strike the red, white & black coins into the pockets. The coins will be arranged in a circular way at the centre of the board. Each coin is having different points. The one who scores more will win the game. The same continues in the Carrom online game.

Prepare to embark on an electrifying journey to Carrom online on 3Plus Games where you can engage in thrilling multiplayer matches and challenge your friends across the world. The online version of the game brings a new level of excitement to the players by making every match an unforgettable experience.

How To Play Carrom

Join 3Plus Carrom by downloading the app from our website www.3plusgames.com and opt for your choices of games. A free version of the game is available for players to get to know the game. Experts can go for real cash games available on the application.

The objective of 3Plus Carrom is simple. Collect 120 points by striking coins to the pockets utilizing your skills and strategic thinking. The coins will be arranged as a ring in the middle of the Carrom board. The coins include 9 whites, 9 blacks, one red (Queen), and a white striker.

The freestyle version of the Carrom is available on 3Plus, allowing players to pocket any coin they choose. The player who breaks the coins is randomly chosen at the beginning of the game. The striker is used to strike other coins. A bar will be given at the bottom of the table to move the striker to the left or right. Aim the coins, set the angle, drag the striker to set the force and then release, the coin will be yours.

Each coin is having different point. Pocketing a black coin earns you 10 points while pocketing the white coin awards you 20 points. The Queen is special and hence pocketing the red coin will get you 50 points. But once you pocket the queen, you should cover it by pocketing another coin. Failing to do so results in losing the Queen, which will return to the centre of the board.

Always be mindful not to pocket the striker as potting the striker is considered a foul. While committing a foul, you will lose the previously earned coin back to the board.

The player is having a time set to complete each move. If failed to do so, you lose one life and the turn will go back to your opponent. Losing all three lives will let you go out of the game.

The ultimate goal here is to acquire 120 points, hence each move will become crucial. Seize every opportunity to pocket the high-value coins and secure the queen whenever you get a chance. Your ability to make quick decisions will help you win the game.

3Plus Carrom online game brings you a host of impressive features for users of all ages, entertaining them fully to the zenith. Offering thrilling and dynamic gameplay, the user can test their carrom skills on 3Plus, the best carrom earning app for real money.

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