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Snakes & Ladders

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Snakesnladders Games

Play Snakes & Ladders on 3Plus Games

Welcome to the world of Snakes and Ladders board game, a global classic loved and played by people of all ages. A game of Indian origin, played on a board of square grids numbered 1 to 100 marked with snakes and ladders all over, the game has become a major source of entertainment for many.

Being played with a dice that is rolled each time to move the given game pieces from the lowest to the highest number by climbing the ladders and escaping from snakes, Snakes & Ladders became a relaxing game for many with its easy gameplay.

The long-standing strategy board game Snakes & Ladders has made its way to online platforms now. Having no trouble of carrying the board and dice, you can play Snakes & Ladders from the convenience of your home now. India’s best virtual gaming platform 3Plus Games crafted the ideal online Snakes & Ladders that made it incredibly easy for game lovers.

Play Snakes and Ladders online with friends or strangers from around the world in either 2-player or 4-player format. With the 3 game pieces and 24 moves, the game is designed to challenge your strategic thinking and gaming skills. Move faster to reach heights and win big.

How To Play Snakes & Ladders On 3Plus

Get the latest version of Snakes & Ladders from 3Plus Games on your phone just by downloading the app www.3plusgames.com.

Once installing the app, enter into an experience of pure fun and excitement with Snakes & Ladders where you can opt for your choices of free online games or real cash games.

Players will get 3 game pieces and 24 moves to complete the game. Unlike rolling the dice in the classical form, the moves will be given randomly at the bottom of the table in the online version. The objective of the game is to move your game pieces to the highest number possible.

The board is full of snakes and ladders that can either help or hinder your progress. Those snakes and ladders will connect two squares to help you climb or take you down. Use the ladders wisely to climb up the columns and avoid the snakes that can drag you down.

Each player's score is calculated based on where their 3 game pieces are sitting. The sum total of those column numbers will be the total score and it will be given at the bottom of the table. Also, an additional 50 points will be given to the player once they reach the final column.

A major attraction in the game is that you are allowed to knock out your opponent's game pieces. If you reach the same column as the opponent’s game piece, you can knock it out to the start. If you do the same, you will get an additional move. Also, the opponent will lose those points and go back to zero. However, you cannot knock it out if two pieces are sitting in a single column.

Players are given 3 lives in total and a time of 14 seconds is given to complete a move. If the player fails to move their game piece within the allotted time, they will lose one life and a move. At first, extra time will also be given to the user along with these 14 seconds. If the player loses all 3 lives, the game ends.

Let the fun begin now! Start Rolling the dice with 3Plus Snakes and Ladders online. A game that requires strategy, thinking, and quick reaction skills, you will definitely make it your favourite list. Whether you are playing for free or competing for real money, the game will provide hours of entertainment. Remember to use the ladders wisely to reach new heights. Challenge yourself and others in this classic game of Snakes & Ladders on 3Plus to make a mint!


Even though Snakes & Ladders remains the best board games of all time and made its way to online platforms by offering different physical and digital manifestations, the game’s fundamental rules remain the same for both. Let’s get to know the Snake & Ladders rules before start playing.

Playing the Snake and Ladder game with great ease of access is not the only thing provided by 3Plus. 3Plus will help you win real-time rewards along with entertainment. With hassle-free money withdrawal, 24x7 customer service, and a safe platform to play with zero bot operation, 3Plus will be a pit stop for all in virtual gaming.

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